We Need To Make It Personal.

Well worth the read. It’s hard to take in that so many people are dying every year from something both preventable and treatable, and we are still not doing anything about it. We were never called to ignore the needs of the world- we are given financial blessings from the Father so that we can be a blessing to others!

Redeeming Spaces

Exhaustion .

I’m talking, my Amanda finds me sleeping on the office tile floor exhaustion.

That’s after a three hour nap in my own room and falling asleep in the middle of breakfast right on the table after my body had no interest in more than a bite of bread.


Somehow I hurt all over, sore as if I’ve been doing physical labor all day even though I haven’t left the house.


One that has me shivering in 90 degree weather plus humidity, wrapped in towels because I don’t “need” a blanket in Haiti, and therefore don’t have one.

I don’t want anything.

Food, people around me, or even a book to read. Get it all away from me. There’s nothing that I want & there’s nothing that I want to do.

That’s what malaria felt like last August.

Today (April 25) is World Malaria Day & as…

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